Architect Designer - Sevinç Ormancı

  2121Sedeko firm was established by Sevinc Ormancı after her graduation from U.A.K.L and İstanbul Tecknical University as an architect .She had a masterdegree from Mimar Sinan University as an interior design ın the year1996 She had joint venture with architecture firm Frederick Fisher and Partners from Los Angeles for the architectural projects.She agreed to collaborate with some international well known architectural firms all around the world that have different experiences as a Sedeko architectural firm.She had even congress on 2004 in İstanbul with them about architecture subjects as Archisection .The names of them are Fred Clarke,Lawrence Ng from Cesar Pelli U.S.A,Frederick Fisher and Partners LA,Javier Barba From Estudio BC from Spain,Philip Johnson and Alan Ritchie from New York,Oliver Collignon from Berlin. She have contacts with the Universities also for the interior design and architectural projects She had also different type architecture and interior projects inside and outside of Turkey also . She has experienced especially on energy stones, Zen, Feng shui ,Sthapatyaverda, that are used to make your life better.She works architectural projects dealt with spiritual subjects and concept stories.She has been specialized on the color material light and the styles of Architecture Baroque,Ottaman,Beidermeir,Art Nouveau,Neo Classic,Art deco,modern, etc because of her masterdegree.She is teaching assistant for the architectural interior design project lesson only, in Culture University. She believes spiritual architectural projects are very important for all people life all around the world.For her the projects had to be linked with nature law elements.

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